Ongoing AFSL Compliance Monitoring

Having comprehensive compliance policies and procedures alone does not prevent an AFS licensee from breaching its regulatory AFSL compliance obligations. Any policies, regardless how well drafted, will be useless without implementation and ongoing compliance. We can add value by either replacing an in-house compliance function or supporting your compliance team.

Benefits of Working Us

We provide flexibility. You might be a new licensee that does not have the workload to justify the costs involved in the establishment and the maintenance of an in-house AFSL monitoring function, or you may already have an in-house compliance team that is increasingly struggling with the workload and could do with some extra support. We can work with your team to find out about your internal resources, the typical issues that you seek to address and suggest solutions to effectively provide your team with compliance support in accordance with your requirements, sparing you from the headaches of recruiting and training of further compliance staff. You are also welcome to scale up or down the level of support you require, as your business evolves.

We leverage on our knowledge and experience accumulated through collaborating with different types of financial services organisations. This allows us to quickly identify the key challenges you face and propose practical solutions that carefully balance your compliance obligations with commercial interests.    

Ongoing Compliance Services

Generally, we will provide you with one or more proposals once we have a good understanding of your business and your requirements. The following are a few examples of how we could add value to your business:

  • Staff compliance inductions, refreshers and further roles-based training
  • Representatives monitoring and supervision, and reporting to the Compliance Committee and/or the Board of Directors
  • Monthly or quarterly compliance reports and meetings
  • Website review
  • AFSL compliance policy review and updates
  • Liaison with regulators

To find out more about how we could assist with AFSL compliance for your business, simply click here to book an obligation-free virtual coffee with our founder and director Xiaoshu Liu.